“Thank you for all your help. We have really improved as an organization through our annual audits, and personally, I have appreciated your advice and guidance.” 

– Chief Information Officer

“It has indeed been my pleasure working with you. You have been very supportive and pragmatic in your approach. It has been very easy to work with you ... and I must admit I have learned the art of being calm from you.” 

Chief Audit Executive

“Thank you for your great partnership.” 

Senior Compliance Manager

“Once again thanks a lot for helping us complete this journey. We loved the partnership with your team.” 

- Security Compliance Management 

Case Studies

Cloud Service Provider – Guided the company through its preparation, risk assessment, development of processes and procedures, and successful completion of its initial SOC1 and SOC2 examinations and ISO 27001 certification.  

Internet Services Company – Provided strategy input, defined business and security requirements, and helped the company design their processes and operating procedures to support an extremely successful new certification authority business.


Global Cloud Service Provider – Designed policies, procedures, standards, operational processes and ongoing monitoring processes covering critical cryptographic key management and security operations. 

Fortune 500 Company – Developed a unified control framework, risk assessment program, and ongoing control monitoring capability to address the requirements of multiple standards, regulations and company requirements.

Global Data Center Provider – Helped the company prepare for successful completion of its first ever SOC2 examinations covering over 30 global data center locations.

Global Perspective and Industry Standards

Global Perspective

We bring a global perspective having delivered projects covering operations based in more than 20 countries. 

Industry Standards

We participate actively in industry standards development initiatives to give back to the profession, help solve real world problems, represent the perspective of our clients, and help us to guide our clients on new developments. 

Organizations we have worked with include:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • ANS X9 financial industry standards
  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • WebTrust for CAs task force
  • AICPA Trust Services task forces
  • CA/Browser Forum

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