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Mark Lundin, Owner and Executive Consultant

Mark has over 20 years of experience providing innovative risk assurance services with a focus on cloud, security and changing technology. Previously, he spent 20 years with a Big 4 audit, tax and consulting firm, serving 10 years as a Partner leading a very successful cloud and security assurance team.

Mark has served many of the top cloud and emerging technology companies and other organizations with complex IT environments. He has provided comprehensive third party assurance solutions to address a range of compliance requirements and standards, as well as risk consulting services to help companies establish common control frameworks, effectively manage cloud and DevOps operations, effectively manage encryption technology, and proactively manage IT compliance.

Mark has authored various white papers and articles, contributed to an O'Reilly book, and delivered numerous industry presentations and webcasts.  He is also currently writing a book on impending changes in security, cloud and compliance over the next 5-10 years and how companies can prepare. 

In his free time, Mark is passionate about raising his amazing children (ages 1 and 9), supporting charitable causes that help our veterans, children, and others in need; supporting political causes that encourage freedom and economic opportunity; and playing basketball, electric guitar and bass. 

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We are currently looking to fill manager and consultant positions.  Please see our job postings on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lundin-security/

Mark has spent his career building and mentoring great teams that have the technical knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to serve the world's most innovative and complex companies.

We're building a team of very experienced consultants and other highly motivated professionals who are passionate about developing creative solutions, true partnerships with our clients, working with the most current technologies, doing the right thing always, and living our core values. 

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

Inspired by my Dad

My Dad was the best in his field.  He was a family doctor who was totally focused on ensuring his patients got the right care.  He took the time to know them personally and fully understand their health issues.  He visited them in the hospital and made sure their specialists were fully briefed.  He made house calls if they couldn't make it to his office.

As I drove home from the hospital the night before he passed away, it dawned on me what an amazing leader he was and how much he had taught me.  He served his country as a Captain and Medical Officer in the U.S. Air Force.  He was always calm when presented with a crisis.  He always did the right thing for his patients and his family.  He was a true expert in his field and always had sound, practical advice.  His mind was an encyclopedia of practical medical knowledge.  He turned down lucrative opportunities that would have diminished his ability to serve his patients with the quality they deserved.

Inspired by my Dad, we strive to serve our clients with the quality and personal touch that my Dad served his patients.

- Mark Lundin

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