Lundin & Co. provides world class audit and consulting services focused on security, privacy and technology.

We work with high growth, innovative companies ranging from startups to established global technology leaders.

We provide practical solutions to help you proactively and effectively manage your cybersecurity, privacy, cloud, crypto, emerging technology, and compliance risks and obligations.


We help provide executive visibility into your cybersecurity program effectiveness and help mature your program.

Are you unsure how your cybersecurity efforts compare with your peers and whether you are making the right investments in cyber security?  Is the board lacking an objective assessment of your cybersecurity risk management program?  We can help.


We help assess, monitor and mature your privacy program to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Are you unsure that your program for ongoing GDPR compliance is sufficient and operating effectively?  We can help.


We help you regain control over your expanding clouds, Agile/DevOps processes, and audit requirements.

Are you suffering from lack of automation, inconsistency across teams, too many different tools, too many access groups, and other operational challenges?  Are you suffering from an inefficient audit process and audit reporting that does not adequately reflect your cloud-centric processes?  We can help.


We help establish best practice crypto management processes and controls. 

Strong key and certificate life cycle management are critical for proper security over PKI systems, encryption systems, and other crypto applications such as blockchain.  Are you unsure how robust your crypto controls are or what can be done to strengthen them?  

We can help.


We help establish governance, security and privacy over newer technology deployments.

Are you unsure how security and privacy considerations are being addressed as you deploy AI technologies?  Are you unsure about the information security and cryptographic key management controls over your blockchain-based services?  

We can help.


We help reduce the burden of audits and improve your processes and controls.

Are you suffering from audit fatigue, excessively lengthy audits, inadequate resources to successfully manage your audits, or requirements to meet many different standards?  Are customer inquiries and customer audits a major burden that is not lessened by your current audit reports?  We can help.

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