Lundin & Co. provides security, privacy and compliance consulting and specialized audit services. We work with high growth companies from startups to established leaders.  We provide practical solutions to help you proactively and effectively manage your security and privacy programs to achieve business, risk management and compliance obligations.


We build and mature security programs to meet the needs of high growth companies.

  • Do you have sound processes in place to manage application security, cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, vulnerabilities and threats, and incidents?
  • Are you concerned your security approach has not kept pace with your rapid growth?
  • Do you know how your security efforts compare with your peers?
  • Are you are making the right investments in security technologies?   

We can help.


We build and enhance privacy programs to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

  • Are you falling behind in your work to comply with the growing wave of global and US privacy laws and regulations? 
  • Are you struggling to address the California privacy law (CCPA) and build an action plan?   
  • Are you unsure that your ongoing GDPR and overall privacy compliance program is sufficient and effective?
  • Have you not yet hired a Chief Privacy Officer or Data Protection Officer? 

We can help.


We build compliance programs to support growth, improve processes, and reduce the audit burden.

  • Do you need a strategy for managing a litany of compliance requirements?
  • Are you suffering from audit fatigue, excessively lengthy audits, inadequate resources to successfully manage your audits?  
  • Are customer inquiries and customer audits a major burden that is not lessened by your current audit reports?  
  • Do you have a need for a customized audit solution?  

We can help.

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